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Since then I haven’t felt anything for anyone, till now, and even now I’m still convinced no one will ever look at me, see me, love me the way you did. Still I don’t miss you, I miss the feeling you gave me.


my back hurts so f*cking much maybe it’s from all this rough sex i’m not having 

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Rap Poems celebrates the poetic beauty of rap lyrics.

THIS is why I dislike so much rap music -.-

this is bullshit.

1.) this is main stream rap, which like mainstream pop isn’t all that good.

2.) the amount of misogynistic bullshit that you can find in country, Pop, and rock music is ridiculous. Stop making the dichotomy of “Rap and other music.” because the dichotomy you’re REALLY attempting to make is rather gross and disrespectful 

I have a feeling they used rap because out of all of the horrible music in all of the genres out there, rap definitely has the best comedic effect. But yes, let’s call someone’s work bullshit and put them down when we know nothing about them because THAT IS WHAT GOOD PEOPLE DO AND IS SUPER RESPECTFUL

It’s not their photoshop work I’m criticizing, it’s their racist xenophobic opinion that I’m calling bullshit.

get your facts straight.

No I know. One, Kreayshawn is white. Do you mean their opinion that these lyrics looks funny on what would be “alternative” images? I see it as a culturefuck, blending two different styles of culture for comedic purposes. It certainly has nothing to do with ethnicity. How do you know this person hasn’t done this with other genres of music? These lyrics ARE funny. I’m sorry if me finding some rap lyrics funny is too racist though. Even if some of them are of the same skin color as me.

I’m in love